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!EXCLUSIVE! Hoya Ki Je Nachdi Di Baan Phar Lye - Diljit Singh Video

Category:Indian songs Category:Hindi film songs Category:Hindi-language songs Category:Punjabi-language songs Category:Punjabi musicTurkmenistan: Free energy from gas reserves Earlier this year we talked about Turkmenistan’s plans to turn to natural gas to achieve energy independence and we had a chance to visit the country a few months later. This year, the country has announced that it has reached an agreement to export natural gas to China and Pakistan. The agreement, which was signed in June, provides for the export of gas through a pipeline to China’s Xinjiang province. Turkmenistan has also signed a deal with Pakistan to supply it with 4.2 million cubic metres of gas a day. The deal will see Turkmenistan’s state gas monopoly Turkmengas supply Pakistani state oil firm PPL to deliver gas at a price of $16.2 per thousand cubic metres. In a statement released yesterday, a PPL official said, “The natural gas which will be supplied to Pakistan will be part of Turkmenistan’s D and A fields.” The company had been importing gas from Turkmenistan before, but that agreement expired earlier this year. Turkmenistan’s state gas monopoly Turkmengas supplies electricity to much of the country’s population. The country is now working on a plan to import electricity generated from hydropower and wind power. Earlier this year Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov ordered the ministry of energy to draft a feasibility study for the country’s first gas power plant. The plan was also introduced into Turkmenistan’s parliament. The plan is to use the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India Pipeline (TAPI) to deliver the gas. Once the pipeline is completed, the gas will be transported to Pakistan via the so-called “Blue Stream 2” pipeline in Georgia. The planned project, which is being designed to export gas to the West, is set to be built by Georgia’s Southern Gas Transportation, TBC Group and the Dutch firm Tractebel. However, the feasibility study is being conducted by a Swiss company, Vattenfall. The study will focus on the be359ba680

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